December 12, 2017 | Phil Aitken

Contrary to the popular belief to which most non-Floridians cling, there are seasons when balmy Florida sunshine is fleeting.  It is during such times when otherwise toasty Floridians visit their fireplaces for the warmth to which they have become so accustomed.  

There is a longstanding debate as to which is better: gas or wood?  In truth, both are great choices, however what one homeowner may choose, another might loathe. Lifestyleis a key factor which comes into play when considering whether you are a candidate for a gas fireplace versus a natural wood burning ambiance.  

If you are a clean freak, no offense, you are likely concerned about ashes floating around your home and an increase in dust accumulation.  More earthy folks appreciate the aroma of natural wood burning and embrace the opportunity to haul in bundles of freshly cut wood to maintain a cozy, roaring fire.  

The convenience of a gas fireplace can be a beautiful, clean thing with only the flick of a switch with which home owners should concern themselves.  The dirtiness of chopping and lugging in wood simply isn't an issue with gas and there is no need for constant hearth cleanup.  

For others, such a venture is almost a sport and the challenge of building one's own fire poses a worthwhile award.  The crackling of the burning logs is hard to beat when setting an ambiance of cozy warmth.  

Gas fireplaces, however, have a come a long way in looking like the real McCoy.  Modern gas logs now look like wood and can sometimes be easily mistaken for a natural fireplace.  While wood burning fireplaces might be considered more cost effective, either type of fireplace could benefit from the addition of a fireplace insert.  This will serve to increase efficiency especially when home owners take measure to have chimneys and vent pipes cleaned annually along with a regular inspection and maintenance of the firebox all the way to the top of the chimney.  

Regardless of your preference, fireplaces in general have a way of warming a room just with their presence ability to create a tranquil, peaceful environment for families and guests.  

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