December 31, 2018 | Phil Aitken
Clients have many reasons for switching realtors and brokers.  Perhaps they found their last agent to be less than knowledgeable at answering questions, not as aggressive as they had hoped or even a tad self seeking.  Whatever the reason, realtor-client relationships, much like a first date, don't always work out.  If you believe yourself to be in this situation and you have not signed a broker's or agent agreement, you are free to move on without legal ramifications.  If you have signed such an agreement, it is not too late to start off the new year with a new agent; one with whom you feel has your best interests at heart.  

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The Aitken Home Team presents three ways to move on from what hasn't worked in order to embrace that which will work

1. Contractual Obligation(s)

Search any contract(s) you have signed to learn whether a legal clause has been included which stipulates a specific cancellation date of said contract.  Make sure you fully understand the contract lingo and, if necessary, seek legal translation.  If you intend to "break up" with your agent, you want to make sure the process is carried out legally.  Furthermore, search the contract and note whether your broker has violated any contractual duties.  In most cases, you can move on by simply issuing a written letter stating your desire to terminate the contract along with your reasons.  In the event that you are able to go this route, make sure you obtain a written and signed termination letter from the broker in order to prove the legitimacy of the contract termination.  

2. Simple Kindness

Nine times out of ten, there is usually more going on behind the scenes than what is known.  Always be kind and courteous even if your complaints are legit.  Keep it simple in stating that you don't feel your requirements have been met and that the "relationship" just isn't working.  Most experienced agents will acknowledge the same feelings in return and might have other suggestions of realtors for you to contact.  Agents and brokers don't like to waste time anymore than clients and they also know the value of preserving untarnished reputations.  Their business depends on this!  You  might elect to continue working with a specific brokerage, yet continue moving forward with a different agent.  

3. Write a Letter

Money changes everything.  It is for this reason that you need to submit a written letter which will protect you financially in the event that the brokerage firm pursues you for commission on a job they did not perform AFTER the contract was terminated.  Compose your letter after you notify the realtor of your wish to part ways.  Remember: try to keep things amicable.  There is not need for ugliness on your part.  Such conduct benefits neither party.  

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