February 19, 2018 | Phil Aitken
Most TLC realty show buffs are familiar with the program "The Little Couple" starring Dr. Jennifer Arnold and her spouse, Bill Klein.  Fans will be interested to learn that the famous couple sold their Houston home post Hurricane Harvey for a canal front home in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Unfortunately, the family was forced to evacuate their new digs due to Hurricane Irma.  

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Dr. Jennifer Arnold, originally from Flordia, never imagined that she would be moving back in with her parents due to a recently accepted hospital position in St. Petersburg, however the Kleins were able to close on a new Florida home shortly after for a mere $2.1 million dollars.  

Front exterior

Hoping to withstand future hurricanes, the Kleins now reside on Snell Isle in a home where the majority of the living space is above ground.  Their humble abode was constructed in 2005 along with a sea wall built to withstand water damage.  The ground floor is home to multiple garages.  

Drone's-eye view

You have only to travel across the street from the Klein residence to enjoy a leisurely game of golf, one of Bill Klein's favorite pastimes.  The luxury golf course serves as a natural sponge for absorbing heavy rains.  

In addition to major hurricane resistant accoutrements, bedrooms abound; six to be exact.  The 5,441 square foot home also houses four and a half bathrooms and an elevator, which is a necessity in a three-story home.  

Stairs and an elevator

The Kleins enjoy a large bonus room which serves as their home office, a formal dining room, media room with a kitchenette and a master suite with a breakfast kitchen.  The spacious home features glorious wood accents, elegant wrought iron railings and ceramic tile throughout each floor.  

Formal dining room

Master suite with breakfast kitchen

One simply cannot survive in Florida without a pool and the Kleins are no exception.  A saltwater pool is featured in the lush backyard along with a spa and built-in fire pit.  

Dr. Arnold has stated her unique history of being chased by hurricanes and has documented her experiences on Instagram.  She is hoping to keep her family safe in their new home and is likely to invite the general public to tour the residence on TLC in their upcoming Season 9 premiere.  The Kleins have been faithful in serving hurricane victims and plan to continue doing so indefinitely.

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