April 9, 2018 | Phil Aitken
Moving can be an expensive endeavor and, depending on the type of move, expenses are usually based on a particular expected level of service.  

The Aitken Home Team presents five typical expenses you can expect to face during your next move:

Truck Rental

If you are planning to conquer your next move all by yourself, you will be responsible for packing up your house, loading the truck, driving the truck to your new residence, unloading all contents of the truck and unpacking said contents once inside your new home.  Not sure how much a rental truck could cost you?  Flat per-day rates begin at $20 daily and increase as the truck sizes go up.  Some companies charge additional fees for gas and have a "per mile" rate.  

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Loading, Transportation & Unloading

Many clients choose to save money by doing all packing and unpacking themselves.  However, if you would prefer to hire professionals for the heavy lifting, local service can set you back roughly $200 for a one-bedroom apartment and as much as $2000+ for a four-bedroom home.

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Full Service

If you have an extra $2000-$5000 to put into your move, the professionals will be happy to take it off your hands.  The pros can wrap and pack your items, load up the truck, drive the truck and unload upon arrival right down to the exact room in the home where you'd like each box placed.  This is especially appealing for families with young children!  This arrangement is ideal for long-distance moves and traveling with animals.  

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Temporary Storage

In some cases, closing dates do not line up for a smooth move.  For example, you might close on a home you sold in Wisconsin on April 10, but cannot close until April 23 on a home you purchased in Jacksonville, Florida.  This would mean that you need a temporary storage solution for your belongings.  Storage facilities normally have a starting fee of $50/month for smaller units and can run as high as $400/month for a large unit.  Portable storage units are great if you'd like the convenience of having your belongings delivered in a unit straight to your residence.  You would be responsible for loading and unloading until the day the unit is delivered.  This can range from $150 to $300/month with additional chargers for delivery and re-delivery.  

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Moving Supplies

If you'd prefer to alleviate the hassle of purchasing boxes, hard plastic containers are available for rent starting at roughly $50/week for belongings of a one-bedroom apartment and as much as $200/weekly for contents of a large home.  Rental services will pick up the containers once you are finished with them.  Often times, truck rental companies and other business will have used boxes on hand that they'd be willing to donate if you'd prefer to stick to cardboard.  

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