August 13, 2018 | Phil Aitken
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The day after a big move can be stressful when you wake up realizing you don't know which box the coffee maker is in or where you put your blood pressure medication.  With some strategic pre-move planning, the stresses that come the day after your big move can greatly alleviated.

The Aitken Home Team presents 10 things NOT to pack up on moving day:

1. - Medication & TP

Any experienced mover will tell you not to pack up your medications in a box on moving day.  In addition, you might want to keep a roll of toilet paper and hand soap at the ready in order to be prepared once you arrive at your new residence.  Yelling for help from the bathroom is never an ideal situation.  

2. - Legal Documents

Make sure to stick your driver's license, birth certificate, passport and any form of ID in your purse or overnight bag.  This particular tip is especially beneficial when moving into a rental property.  Also, ID will be required in the event that you are renting a moving truck.

3. - Valuables

It is always best to keep items of high sentimental worth, money and jewelry with you rather than loading them onto a moving truck.  If possible, consider the rental of a safe deposit in which such items may be stored until retrieval after your move.  

4. - Household Cleaning Products

Most moving companies will state up front that they cannot move any sort of household cleaners, laundry detergents or liquid items.  However, you might want to do a quick "once-over" in your new place of residence prior to bunking down for the night.  Be sure to keep your cleaning products (and vacuum) handy.  In addition, this will help to avoid any spills and unwanted messes on the moving truck.  

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5. - Shower Curtain

While this might sound a bit unusual, you might want to keep your shower curtain handy as your new home likely does not have one waiting for you.  Also, set aside some towels and washcloths in an overnight back so you are not stuck rummaging through your boxes for an hour before you can finally enjoy a hot, relaxing shower.

6. - Child Favorites

If you have young children, they will thank you for making their favorite stuffed animals and blanket readily available for them.  Enough said.

7. - Box Knife & Marker

These items are especially handy to have on hand when you want to unpack a box or two.  A permanent marker is great for marking empty boxes with an "x" to be taken to a recycling center.

8. - Chargers

Don't forget to keep those phone, laptop, ipad and tablet chargers in an easily accessible location!  Having a dead phone battery can be stressful and ensuring that you have a spare phone charger available will help maintain your sanity.

9. - Disposables

Be sure to have these on hand as well as disposable cps and paper towels.  You will likely get hungry at some point.

10. - Pet Necessities

Be sure to set aside Fido's dog food, water and food bowls, collar, leash, medications and chew toys.  Moving is a stressful event for animals and it will be important to have familiar items available for beloved pets so as not to heighten their stress levels.  

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