September 17, 2018 | Phil Aitken
From solar panels to snowblowers, outfitting your home with all of the basic, necessary equipment can be rather costly.  Space is a commodity for every home owner and the last thing you want to do is fill it with items you will likely use only once.  

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The Aitken Home Team presents six things you probably never knew you could rent:

1. Solar panels

Most home owners are not aware that solar panels can be rented.  While saving money by lowering energy bills, you can also leave extra cash in your bank account through a lease agreement rather than a purchase.  A lease will eliminate the cost of installation and maintenance on solar panels.  Cost varies from company to company, however a lease is definitely worth exploring in order to save money for the stuff you really want.

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2. Comfy Couch

Many up and coming furniture retailers are offering lease programs for that comfy couch you've always wanted, but could never afford.  Furniture rental for a home owner might sound a bit strange, however when you stop to consider the expenditure of $50 a month to fully furnish a bedroom verses thousands of dollars expended on furniture that will eventually need to be replaced, this particular option does not seem so unusual after all.  In addition, furniture rental companies will deliver and assemble their own furniture at no extra cost to you.  

3. Rent Christmas

No kidding!  You can actually rent a LIVE Christmas tree!  Living Christmas Company actually delivers your selected Christmas tree right to your front door.  Your beautiful tree will arrive in a large container where it will live until the next Christmas season when someone else decides to rent the same tree.  In the event that your tree outgrows its container, the company will plant the tree in a large field and replace it with a smaller one in the container where your former tree once resided.  You could rent your next Christmas tree for as little as $54.  That is quite a savings from the average price of $120-$180 consumers elect to spend on Christmas trees annually.  

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4. Paint Sprayer

Next time you consider repainting your vaulted living room ceiling, consider renting a paint sprayer.  Sprayers allow for the luxury of buzzing quickly through a paint project, however they are quite expensive and likely to be used only once or twice.  Most stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and even smaller hardware chains rent out paint sprayers for as little as $24 in increments of four hours.  Definitely a bonus and huge money saver.

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5. Silverware

Yes, you can actually rent silverware.  This is not all that unusual when you consider the extra twenty guests you will be feeding during the holidays or the large graduation party you will be hosting next spring.  Table + Teaspoon is a company that serves consumers in supplying items such as flatware, plates, candlesticks and a myriad of dining supplies to clients in need.  Items are delivered two days prior to scheduled events accompanied by a prepaid shipping label for easy return.  Items are normally priced on a per person basis.  

6. Don't blow it

For the over-eager Floridian considering the purchase of a snow blower on the off chance of an actual snow accrual, DON'T DO IT!  Your new acquisition will only be a resting place for dust bunnies while taking up valuable real estate in your garage.  Rental is always an option!  For as little as $73 per day, you could be one happy camper with one less unused object to dust.  

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